Related Undergraduate Research Workshops

Writing an Abstract and Get Ready
to Present

Monday, January 30th 12:30-2:00pm (SU 223)
Tuesday, January 31st 12:30-2:00pm SU (SU 223)

How to: Ask for, Process, and
Use Feedback in Undergraduate Research

Monday, February 6th 2:00-3:30pm (SU 223)
Tuesday, February 7th at 1:00-2:30pm (SU 223)

Preparing a Poster Presentation
Monday, March 6 10:00-11:30am (SU 220)
Thursday, March 9 11:00-12:30 (SU 220)
Friday, March 10 1:00-2:30pm (SU 223)
Monday, March 20 11:00-12:30 (SU 224)

How to: Communicate Your Research
Apr 3 12:00-1:30 (SU 316AB)

Past Showcases
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