Judging Process

Faculty members from across campus serve as the judges for the Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. Judging for the Showcase will occur in two rounds:

  • Round One: Prior to the Showcase, the 250-word project abstracts, summaries, or creative statements written by the students are screened using the five criteria (https://showcase.ucf.edu/guidelines) published on the judging sheet, with particular emphasis on sound methodology. The judges in each team will compare their findings from the reading of the project descriptions, arriving at a shortened list of projects.
  • Round Two: Student presenters who are accepted to the Showcase will be granted access to a Webcourse where they will upload their poster prior to the event. Faculty judges will have access to review these submissions. Students who do not submit to the webcourse will not be eligible to receive scholarship awards.

  • Round Three: During the public presentation phase of the Showcase, the judges will interview the finalist list of students and arrive at a final determination as to the best Showcase projects in the judges' respective categories. The final determination must be made by 4:15 p.m. the day of the Showcase in order that scholarships may be presented to students at 4:30 p.m.
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