Who can apply?

Currently enrolled UCF students, and students who graduated the December before the Showcase to which they apply, are eligible to apply to present their current or recent work in any discipline or field. Students from all majors are welcome to apply. All student presenters must attend the Showcase event. No projects may be presented in absentia.

Project Eligibility

Projects from all fields and disciplines are eligible for presentation. All projects must have a clear focus or a central research question. Research and creative works in progress are encouraged. These include projects that have not yet attained final results or are still developing: presentations of initial results, research or project designs, field experiences, methodology discussions, and literature reviews. If you are unsure of the readiness of your work-in-progress for presentation, please consult with the Office of Undergraduate Research. Presentations of completed projects and final results are, of course, equally encouraged. Class projects are welcomed but no more than five per class should submit (this does not include independent research credit).

Note: All projects will be provided with a magnetic board to display their poster. Presenters are responsible for providing a 4x3 ft. printed poster. No other materials, including laptops, monitors, or other equipment, will be allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research
e: OUR@ucf.edu
p: (407)823-3125.